Friday, February 15, 2013

R.I.P. Sweet Sterrekatten's Hurricane's Drive

On February 11th,  we toke one of the hardest decisions to put our beautiful and so special Hurricane to sleep ♥
Hurricane got the E-Coli bacteria and we and the vet suspect he got it from the raw cow meat we, once and a while, give to our cats.
We treated him with all kind of antibiotics but the heavy antibiotics for this bacteria destroyed his kidneys and he couldn't handle any more treatments anymore.
The E-Coli was in control and he reacted well on the E-Coli treatment but his kidneys didn't...

His health declined drastically a few days before he dies and he couldn't walk anymore or eat or drink.
We had to give him food and water through a seringe and we had to clean him because he couldn't walk to the litter box...

The weeks he was being treated were very difficult for us but we always tried to stay positive and hopeful that he would be ok and well very soon.
Hurricane had the most sweetest temper of all ♥
He was always with us and always purring ♥

The day before he dies, he was lying next to us in the sofa next to the central heating to keep him warm and give him love and some comfort.
Hurricane was crying... we could see the tears, the pain and the sadness in his expression...
But we couldn't see him like this anymore...

The vet said to us that it would be impossible to revert this situation and because Hurricane was in pain, we decided it was time to let him go to a more peaceful place
We always thought we could save him and we did everything we could but in vain...

It's never easy to take a decision like this and he was still a very young and beautiful cat...
After we have lost Stratocaster last year, once more the pain toke over us and we cannot explain how much it hurts...
We love you Hurricane and we'll always will ♥

"Wish you were here"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

NL*Groovy Love Forest Myths

Groovy Love was for a long time looking for a nice loving home...
We can say now, after a long period of reflection about his future and deciding if we should keep him or not, that he found a very loving family ❤
We're sure that you'll be very happy fluffy sweet Groovy!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

News from NL*Sterrekatten's Easy Going

This time we received some very sweet pictures of our Easy Going, son of Katie Escarlata Vikingo*ES and Jynx Deep Dark Blue*PL.
Easy was always a very, very sweet and tender kitten... almost like a puppy, walking behind us, playing all the time, getting the ball and bringing it in his mouth so we would throw it far and he could catch it...
We almost kept him as a pet together with Elvis Forever (his brother) because of their fantastic temperament but later on, we decided that it would be nicer if they could go to nice and loving families with more time to dedicate to them and we are so happy we did that.
All the pictures we receive from the pet loving familes show us that in most of the cases, we chose well and we hope we can always find our babies a good home ♥
Thank you so much Thea, Frank and family for loving Easy sooooooo much!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

News from NL*Sterrekatten's Giuseppe & NL*Golden Star Forest Myths

It's always with great satisfaction that we receive news from the loving families of our kittens that left us to their new homes.
Today we received from our dearest friend Marion, as a very regular update, some new videos and new pictures of Giuseppe and Golden.
They have grown a lot... They look very beautiful and they couldn't be happier with this loving family.
Thank you so much Marion for all the love, care and attention you dedicate to all your furries .


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New pictures of the Sterrekatten's J-litter

NL*Sterrekatten's J'Adore 
- with 14 weeks old -

NL*Sterrekatten's Jade
- with 14 weeks old -

The black and white sisters are developing very well and they are both super sweet and very playful.
The minute we touch them, they start their purring engine wanting to be stroked and picked up ♥♥♥ 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

NL*Ghost Rider Forest Myths JW

We are so happy that we don't find the words to describe this event...
At a show in France, Ghost Rider achieved the title of Junior Winner!
Ghost was always a very sweet kitten and very promising... We had high hopes for him and here it is... The JW of 2013 :-)
Many thanks to Sarah Runzis for showing him so well, for believing in him and for loving him so much :-)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

NL*Sterrekatten's Honey Bunny JW

It's with great joy that we announce Honey Bunny's new title of JW achieved this year 2012.
Honey Bunny was always a very special kitten with great potencial.
Many thanks to Christopher and Tracey Spooner for showing 'our' princess so well and for loving her so much!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inocente Beauty Forest Myths left to Canada

So this morning, our super sweet Inocente, left our home to catch her flight straight to Toronto (Canada) to meet her new family and Diesel.
We'll miss her very much!!
She was always around us, purring all the time, asking to be cuddled and picked up all the time and having a great time with Rebi Cats Baby
They were like sisters these two...

We're sure that Inocente will delight Kat and her family very much and that she'll have a great and happy life!

Monday, October 29, 2012

News from the WS 2012 in Croatia

NL*Ghost Rider Forest Myths
Nominated for the Best in Show
(judged by Sagurski Dietmar)

NL*Sterrekatten's Honey Bunny
Class 11
(judged by Godek Mojca)

IC NL*Sterrekatten's Bear Hug (Fatty)
Class 3
(judged by Brambilla Fabio)

We are very proud of our beautiful babies!
They did very well :-)